Simple Oven Jerk Fish Recipe.

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Red Snapper (or any fish) is seasoned with a lovely jerk marinade, stuffed with herbs and grilled in the oven for what is a tasty rendition of Jamaican jerk …

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Frances Carranza says:

Trini style…

mixumup1 says:

this guy cooks like a white person… 

mickjai says:

gosh it looks wonderful. Keep on cooking!

Myanmar Jazzmaker says:

Chris you get down! Love your recipes, can’t wait for the occasion to make
Cassava Pone…btw on this recipe did you use lime on the fish after

Yolanda Walcott says:

I like the way you explaine cooking

John Ventresca says:

Awesome recipes … My wife cooks allot of this stuff for me… I click on
what I like, and she whips it up.. healthy and tasty.

michael landry says:

Great recipe Chris! I’m new to your channel, I just found it a few days
ago. I’m looking forward to all your videos.

Yolanda Layne says:

Which jerk seasoning do u use

nikita rosen says:

Adding a teaspoon of liquid smoke gives a little more …….

John Franchi says:

Your a great chef you need your own show on food network

Rudy Thomas says:

more videos for Lent bro….Blessingz Flow!!

Mrsdevsgirl says:

Anything with Jerk delicious.

LegalDiva says:

I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you!!!

Devon Weekes says:

My family loves to cook jamaican style foods. Like salt fish, fish
sandwiches, and avacodos! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

nikki dee says:

Lovely, can you tell me the name of your favorite store brought jerk
seasoning? Sometimes we just was a fast and easy way of cooking and if you
have a good tasting seasoning all ready made please share… thanks

LaBelle339 says:

I really love watching your videos!

Julie Cayer says:

that sounds good!

CologneCarter says:

Will someone please educate me here? Im European, German to be exact. So
English is my second language and I don’t have it down pat.

I know, there are persons who can be a jerk. You can jerk, meant as a
reaction. There is beef jerky (or other meats) which is marinated dryed
meat. And please refrain from explaining the phrase “to jerk off”. I am
familar with that.

But what makes a jerk marinade a jerk marinade or what makes a fish or some
other meat being “jerk something” when it isn’t used to dry food?

Birute00 says:

Red Snapper! Glad you are back from the Islands!

blue0frangi says:

Chris I wanted to see longer carnival vlogs

Yosra Ryan says:

Wow need to try this 

scottishroad35 says:

Do shrimp!!! Thank you! 

canvids1 says:

Oh ya a good jerk sauce on baked fish so good thanks Chris.

Alexandria Alexander says:

Where did you buy the jerk marinade

mrlouization says:

Dat look propa mi boy yardman give u 2x

Bajan KopKing says:

Yea man, looks dam good!

Jocelyn Roberts says:

I think your cooking is great. Love the picks from Trinidad, reminds me of
Grenada. What I would love you to is a rum punch because I’m not to sure on
how to make it. When I do try it it doesn’t come out right. Thanks in
advance. Joce from London. 

K. Sorensen says:

Simple Oven Jerk Fish Recipe.

#recipe #jerkfish #redsnapper #food 

CassieAfricanQueen says:

I will be trying this, thanks

GWRevolutionTV says:

your videos make me so hungry lol

racegod09 says:

+caribbeanpot can’t fool me, looks like Grace Hot Jerk Seasoning 😀 and
yes, it’s the best store bought jerk seasoning you can find…

Diedre Callam says:

Well now I know what I’ll be doing for Easter Sunday/Monday this year. :)

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