Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

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Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff is the stew version of traditional Beef Stroganoff.Slow cooked beef that’s fall-apart tender in a creamy Stroganoff sauce with golden brown buttery garlic mushrooms.

It’s made with economical stewing beef yet it tastes like a million bucks!


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Asbury Park says:

Curious why the extra step with the sour cream being mixed? Would it not taste the same if you just put sour scream directly in pot and mixed it in there?

Danny Keane says:

this is a slap yo mama

Zoe says:


Rosemaree says says:

Made this twice now!!!! It's a hot with the fam xx

James Wedding says:

replace the sour cream with cream cheese one time you make this, You'll thank me later :)

Jay Duysen says:

This recipe totally negates the idea of a crock pot…lol this dude basically half assed the whole damn thing and threw it in the crock pot…like wtf why can't you just shove it all in da pot like a lazy ass boss? Lol

ed flam says:

Bruh you burnt the bottom hella bad lower heat next time and mix the Onions to de glaze the pan before it burn

Krzysztof Adek says:

ja uwielbiam robi w crock-pot! kurczak normlanie suchy wychodzi a w tym wolnowarze extra

happy memories last forever says:

good morning
Beef Stroganoff or Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish made of sauteed pieces of meat served with Smitana sauce.
Since its inception in the mid-nineteenth century in Russia, it has become famous all over the world, with a significant difference from the original recipe.
Great recipe with all its ingredients
Have a nice day for you and your family

Latosha Adams says:

Yes no talking ..and it looks great

faridah Meals says:

I loved ur recipe thank u I wanna give it a try woooo yummmy

Nick Neff says:

Did this perfectly (Im pretty good in the kitchen). This was bland as hell literally zero taste the broth makes it taste like straight water and all you taste is a piece of dry steak.

Amber Dean says:

Yum! I'm making this on Sunday!

Jamil Chihneh says:

what was the beef liquid ?!

Pfiftyone Mustang says:

You burnt the shit outta that pan

Steve Gabbert says:

I bet that would be awesome over steamed rice.

Jpilot says:

Love your videos, thanks! 滕滕滕滕弘

Tiffany Torres says:

Buying the ingredients now on Amazon fresh to make this week:) thank you

Skwunkell says:

Egg noodle!!!

Skwunkell says:

Mashed potatoes??? Really???

Michael Ciccone says:

No music please

Cindy Coburn says:

I even loved the music

Donovan Bacon says:

Dude people keep adding garlic way early.

Robert Walker says:

Looks runny beef stroganoff shouldnt have the consistency of soup.

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