Slow Cooker Engagement Chicken with Gravy

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Anel Mottley says:

Who can buy chuck roast at 16$ a pound?

R Needham says:

Slowly but surely working through all you're. recipes!😄 love them all!!

DJfilms100 says:

My favorite Ina Garten recipe made so much easier!!! Just brilliant! Thanks.

Becky McCreary says:

Your recipes are fantastic.

Seema Phakira says:

Wait, so the other side has no seasonings at all???? Is it that that part isn't eaten?

Ray Radiance says:

Is it Engagement?

Kevin Costello says:

How does the slow cooker turn out a chicken that clearly has been roasted… I call bull on this.

Barbara Guertin says:

how do i get the written receipe?

V I says:

Yum. Will have to try this

Jennifer FdCastro says:

I definitely have to try this one. I love roasting a whole chicken!

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