Slow Cooker Garlic Butter Chicken and Veggies

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J Bello says:

going to try this for a nice cozy night

Michael Mendillo says:

Nice ! A very simple, delicious & healthy meal !!!! 😁✌🕇💕

Adel Hassan says:

4 hours, on high or low??

J Cassidy says:

I've tried this before and I'm making it right now!

Tracie Rae says:

I made that shredded chicken parmesan it was so good we ate it for 3 days

john e Lawler says:

looks good, is the cooking time on high or low? I'm new to this game lol

Playing Makeup says:

Making this tonight! So excited 🤗

neuroticgypsy says:

I love your channel! Can you kindly do a creamed spinach ???? I would love to know your recipe and how u make it in the slow cooker ! Please!!

MR.WILLIE 95 says:

What is the stuff you put in the butter the video was going to fast

WE C says:

Made this today and it was outstanding! The most tender and moist chicken breast I've ever made in slow cooker. Used frozen chicken breasts.

Carolyn McKenzie says:

I hope she washed the meat, lol.

SusanBrooklyn says:

How much butter? No stirring? 4 hours on high? With tenders not breast? And chicken wNot overcook?

Positive Vibes says:

Dumb question….but how would this recipe turn out without the chicken? I was thinking of throwing the potatoes, carrots and seasonings together in the slow cooker as a side.

Vanessa Vargas says:

How long do you cook it on low?

cassandra augustine says:

What brand of butter did u use ?

cassandra augustine says:

Can u use red potatoes ?

Karen Kimberley says:

Hi thanks for the recipes could I sear the chicken in flour with spices just so the skin is brown and crispy I see a lot of people sear their brown meat this way 😊

That's a Wrap says:

I loved this one! Thanks for all of your awesome videos and hard work

mamaofboys88 says:

Can you please tell me what were the measurements of the ingredients?!

Shane K says:

Best channel ever, thank you. I can now survive University :)

Janet Ruzzo says:

4 hours on high or low?

Amerethioqueen says:

I'm trying this tomorrow! It looks delish!!!! 😀

Matthew Ludwig says:

I am trying this out. I didn't have fresh garlic so I used garlic powder. Let's see how this taste.

Berrie says:

I wanna try this tonight! Ran out of butter, do you think olive oil would be okay as a substitute for the butter? Thanks!

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