Southwest Beef Casserole Recipe • Tasty Comfort Food! – Episode #383

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Bonjour my friends! In this episode I’ll show you how to make my Southwest Beef Casserole recipe.

Make sure to visit for ingredient amounts, directions and much more!

Until next time my friends… Bon Appétit!

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safe nsecure says:

Looks Amazing. I would change the Parsley for thinly slice green onions. I am making this.

Typhenus Whitmire says:

I made this today for my family and they all absolutely loved it! Thank you so much!

Tammy Collins says:

Looks amazing but I can't eat all them peppers or green chilis and not sure how good it would be without them..

jill toural says:

Fantastic recipe! My family loved it👍

lord luvs me says:

Baby that was the simplest and easiest explained southwest dish I've ever seen!! Outstanding! I disclaimer.i would add cilantro to the dish. Thanks 4 sharing

Paul Gibson says:

I just tried this recipe tonight for dinner… was a little hesitant about the noodles, but it was really delicious!

Julia White says:

You need to put the amounts of the ingredients you need to make the dish!

Cole Matiatos says:

I was looking for a casserole recipe and this one caught my eye . I am currently making it for the first time . I can already smell the deliciousness

Xxshippu Denxx says:

Can i use macaroni instead?

Road Runner says:

Looks delicious!

Texan21 - says:

Brown sugar should NOT be optional- it makes my chili awesome and I’m sure it’s good in this dish as well 😉 I’ll be making this sometime this weekend. Thanks for the recipe! Oh, I may add bacon bits on top (fresh, of course).

Charles Sanchez says:

I just made this dish tonight. It was OUTSTANDING! Such beautiful new flavors for my tastebuds. Thank you!

Angel Sanchez says:

Yummmm ! I'm goin to make this for dinner tonight ! Thank you for sharing such an easy great meal !

Tracey Erickson says:

I'm going to try this tonight!

Frosty lane says:

Look's delicious. Thanks

Frank says:

looks great, gonna make this today. Thanks for the recipe :-)

Neil Morgan says:

Very Tasty Looking !!!!

Alejandra Garcia says:

Thank you for the recipe my husband and my picky toddler loved it:)

심플리 Simply Easy Delicious says:

Hi there… I love one dish meal, look delish…

smokster0604 says:

Looking yummy tonight is the night gonna give this a try….

Princess Pancake says:

looks so yummy especially in view of all our snow of late;will save it for later has had hand surgery this week. so many people are afraid of chiles but the canned ones are not over hot in taste.

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