Tazukuri (Gomame) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Tazukuri (Gomame), one of the Osechi Ryori dishes (Japanese traditional new year feast.)
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/tazukuri-gomame-recipe/ ‎
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Aryadi Subagio says:

looks delicious, can we replace the sardines with similar fish?

catingrey says:

Fish candy! :) 

Slimy Weasles says:

Poor little fish…they're looking at me as I eat them! 

Pogi Ako says:

Hi +JapaneseCooking101!please make Yakiniku teshoku,onegaishimasu🙏

Meowskivich says:

well, that seems just too easy to make. shame I'm allergic to fish, though. sounds delicious.

MyMinnieAdventures says:

Thanks for posting this recipe. Been looking for this!

Kimyung Kim says:

theres very similar recipe in korea, too. we love to put some hot green chili to add heat.

VampyrebatGetsFit says:

Please do more New Years recipes!
I really would like to see black soy beans :)

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