The BEST Beef Stew Recipe

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‎Seriously, the best beef stew recipe ever, with slow-braised beef, chunky mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and peas. This soup recipe is so aromatic and delicious, it’s bound to become a family favorite!

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joe macky says:

looks great. Perhaps the addition of some turnips and rutabagas. You will then have a proper Irish beef stew

Sanguine says:

It's quite classy

Vyrim says:

Normally say gimme that meal but now Ill say gimme those pans

Matt Tovey says:

You are so gorgeous 😍😍

Teresa Gipson says:

Yummy so easy

u235u235u235 says:

she never showed the meat fork tender flaking.

Cheryl Planert says:

Thanks for a yummy recipe. what is the difference between a soup and a stew? Are they interchangeable descriptions of this dish?

bcurrin87 says:

Am I the only one wondering where she learned to pronounce Paprika and Worcestershire?

Thea Hopson says:

Delicious! Where did you get the cookware?

rosco1pug says:

serve beside a large mound of buttery mash potato, add greens

Elsa Loebell says:

I’ve been searching many years for the perfect beef stew recipe. Unfortunately, every beef stew recipe I’ve tried, the meat is always dry after cooking. No matter how long It cooks, what cut of beef, or what cooking method I use, it’s still dry. It’s not like I buy the cheapest beef or anything Ike that. Any suggestions what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you for the video, the beef stew looks delicious.😋

CookingSingle says:

I needed food like this during quarantine.

Robert N says:

I love it when white people season their food properly. She a real one

Ben TheKeeshond says:

I love your beef stew with pasta and bread.

Malachai 333 says:

what a beautiful women…

Today's Chef says:

>declaze with water
>soup pot looks like it costs 2000 dollars

citizenY says:

Turning Tri-tip into stew beef

mb13972 says:

You are one of the few, if not the only cook I've seen using a flat edge spatula to scrape the bottom of a pan.  So many use a rounded wooden spoon which is fine for stirring a soup but not for scraping a pan.

Brenda Corona says:

Can I do sweet red wine and skip the sugar?

Tom Robards says:

I don't want to burst your bubble , but that is soup not STEW !!!

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