The BEST Vanilla Cream Pie Recipe

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You will LOVE this easy to make and delicious vanilla cream pie. Rich, creamy vanilla custard and a cloud of whipped cream fill a flakey butter crust for a decadent dessert guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. As a bonus it’s a treat you can make days ahead and keep in the fridge for when company comes over.

Full Recipe:

This custard pie is kind of a sleeper, it’s just so tasty but I feel like most people haven’t made one. Am I wrong, or is this pie a family favorite already?


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Celeste Von Melle says:

The mixture just refused to be firm at the end so by the time I was done I had added 3x as much corn starch, but still runny. What the heck am I doing wrong? I’ve followed the video to a T several times. 😭

Khitam Vhutih says:

Yes, my wife also love cream pie

Rachel Cargill says:

His work top looks like a greased tin

Raquel C. says:

How much do I use if I’m using vanilla extract?☹️

Maria Magdalena says:

It's tasty just looking at it :) I can't wait to make it tomorrow. Many thanks <3

Mimi Scott says:

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Forge T says:

Way, way too sweet a custard. I'm getting a handle on Preppy Kitchen's tastes and they definitely lean toward way more sugar than I'd like.

Forge T says:

Stop the useless tempering! Put all the custard ingredients together in the cold pot except the butter and vanilla. Yes, include the eggs and egg yolks. Then heat the whole thing slowly while stirring. No worries about making omelette. When custardy, stir in the butter and vanilla. You're done.

Made To Bake says:

I think I will LOVE these indeed

John Bickers says:

I like skim milk; you cad! I challenge you to a duel.

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