The Biggest Misconception About Gluten-Free Foods

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Dr. Mark Hyman explains why gluten-free foods aren’t as healthy as they seem.

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CallmeMilton says:

Junk food is bad, with or without gluten. There, I saved you 2 mins.

Gluten Free Kids Club says:

Great video! After my son was diagnosed with celiac disease it was a tough transition. We actually got excited about it through cooking and video's on tube YouTube. I think the key is to find a way to get kids engaged.

Julie Turcios-Avila says:

So, what should I eat? 🤔
I cant eat gluten, theres gluten in foods you wouldn't think would have.

desiree alexander says:

Man speaks truth . glad to hear it. As someone who is gf what he is saying is true.

Julia Miller says:

hmm an avocado or a gluten free cookie….

JHope says:

All processed food have added ingredients! Duh! So everyone should always check salt, sugar, fats regardless if gluten free. Wheat Bread has added sugar. Why they not taking about that!? This is just companies losing money, whoever sponsors Dr. Oz is losing money. Gluten is a problem don’t believe everything this show says. Gluten free is the new lactose free. Its real and affects everyone!!! If u have wt problem, headaches, skin…consider removing gluten, plus the other common food allergies. Soy, peanut, corn, eggs, dairy, processed sugar. Saved my life! Do your own research people and self experiment! Read the JJ Virgin Book.

Mhd Kam says:

Please leave this poison!

Fainites Barley says:

I don’t bother with gluten free alternatives except for special occasions.

dark9raven says:

My daughter doesn’t throw up profusely(along with many other things)… that’s enough for me. My house is gf.

BluFish15 says:

Gluten free foods are only "good" for people with celiac disease or a sensitivity or what not. Its just like vitamins they dont do you any good either unless you have a deficiency. It's a placebo.

Tsearra rex says:

Screw this guy, seriously, I just had to adopt a no Gluten, lactose and FODMAPS diet because those things have been making me extremely sick I diverted from the diet for a week and am so sick. He can shove it.

Rebekah Whitney says:

There’s so much stuff (like xanthan gum) which can act like an emulsifier in gluten free food without added calories. Gluten free cake if fat cause it’s cake not cause it’s gluten free. And manufacturers usually write ‘this product was made in a a factory containing this allergens’ and there are many reputable brands that only make gluten free products so that customers can be safe. You just have to do your due diligence like with any other allergy/disorder.

Pollywallydoodle Alltheday says:

Dr. Oz says literally whatever corporations pay him to. Not a good source of information.

Karen Lopez says:

My son has autism, and gluten free has improved his behavior i have no other choice.



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