The Ultimate Guide To Grilling Fish • Tasty 101

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There are plenty of fish in the sea, and rivers, and lakes, but not all of them are suited for grilling…

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European seabass, branzino fish
mashuk/Getty Images
Whole fresh red snapper
PicturePartners/Getty Images
Trout on white background find laid flat not out
paci77/Getty Images
lucato/Getty Images

Underwater view of tunas swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
Multi-bits/Getty Images
CU Grilling Fish
SimonSkafar/Getty Images
Slow-Mo: Jumping fish
baddoggy/Getty Images
Fish jumping in waterfall
intst/Getty Images

Alexis deBoschnek

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Incognito says:

Can you fucking pronounce oregano properly

Mint_Pickles says:

I don’t even like fish why am I here

Anthony Foxxx says:

tasty 101 is my favorite series!

Orion6699 says:

These look really good!

Christian Revilla says:

Haha i only use salt

nin lat says:

Leave the fish in the sea you assholes, go vegan

tr6ut says:

Cutthe head of andclean the inside and then evenly season with your spices of choice. Wrap it in aluminium foil then grill. Check ever few minutes to see if its done then take the foil off and the skin should come right off

Sorry for bad english

Mika Lugg says:

She knew how to stop running outside at her street!
She knew how to walk outside at her street!
She knew how to stop running in her store!
She knew how to walk in her store!
She knew how to stop running in her church!
She knew how to walk in her church!
She knew how to stop punching her friends in this church!
She knew how to stop kicking her friends in this church!
She knew how to stop hitting her friends in this church!
She knew how to stop putting her feet up on the large table in the classroom!
She knew how to take her feet down off the large table in the classroom!
She knew how to keep her feet down on the floor!

AK Redd says:

In the south all we eat is fried fish 😂😂

Pretty Flacko says:

bam! i'm out lol

Rob Newlands says:

Secret to Grilling..
Don't close the lid, your just making an OVEN.
Closing the lid means you're Baking something or smoking it.
Grilling means to cook with heat from below.
In USA Broiling is grilling with heat from above.

Closing the lid to create radiant heat is baking or smoking on a Grill.

I love how Tasty producer's don't know this piece of common knowledge.

most liked comment says:

Her voice is so relaxing!

Rongsentemsu Aier says:

Best grilling methods ever!

Ghost says:

Kami in Malaysia letak kunyit, garam, panaskan minyak goreng habis cerita :)

Ela A says:

You guys should do a 101 on how to make the perfect fruit tart🍓!

Bhaskar Chatterjee says:

Loving this , thanks Alexis!!!!😘

Prasad Patil says:

When grilling the whole fish it would be advisable to remove the fins. As an option to using whole stuffing, we can also make a pesto to be applied inside the fish.

Dinah Alifa says:

Now i need to buy a grill

Yellow Is green says:

I found this under the heading 'pets topic' ….

Ice King says:

This video should be called "white people's guide to cooking fish" xD

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