These 10 Candy Desserts Will Give You a Sugar Rush

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1. (Scran Line) Rainbow Candy Surprise Cake:
2. Giant Twix Cheesecake:
3. Cotton Candy Souffle Pancake:
4. Butterfinger Pie:
5. Vegan Gummy Bears:
6. Cotton Candy Fudge:
7. Gummy Bear Cake:
8. Sushi Candy:
9. Strawberry Hard Candy:
10. Sheet Pan Candy Bars:

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Gonzo Pugglefish says:

This looks so good!

Gabriëlle Cruden says:

I liked this video

Lovely peaches Fan forever says:

The cotton candy and syrup looked kinda nasty

Chop Happy says:

I love making candy on my channel! Great video! Looks yummy!

s a r c a s t i c tote says:

diabetes entered the chat

Peyton Waldera says:

How have I gone this long not knowing that if you mix candy corn with peanut butter it makes butterfingers..

Elena Somvilay says:

Wow didn't know it did that

Haley Faragalli says:

I'm getting a sugar rush just by watching this

Poonam smart kitchen says:

Very nice 👌

Carina says:

This is 100% aimed at kids, or people with/associated with kids. Anyone else would explode if they ate like 1 bite of these. Especially the fudge

Swaraj Batra says:

Who else watches but never makes these

Ainslee Cain says:

The measurement? 🙄

Suruchi Manchanda says:

Quantity of the ingredients should be mentioned..

J. Me says:

These 10 Candy Desserts Will Give You a Diabetes

ducki says:

Diabetes, but I wanna try all of these.

Emma Sanford says:

Absolutely loved the gummy bear cake it was super cute.

Darren Chan says:

i loved your video! By the way, what is the name for the music on this?

Starlightmooni YT says:

This ganna make me cry its so Good omg

Matthew Carter says:

Looks so good ugh😭

loquendo 956:v says:

Like form me

보라도리 says:

너무 좋아요

why says:

I luv sweets

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