These 15 Minute Breakfasts Will Change Your Life

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00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Banana Pancakes
03:50 – Breakfast Hash
10:43 – Flavor Bomb Oatmeal
14:16 – Veggie Frittata

The complete breakdown and recipes for this video

15 Minute Meals –

For all the gear I used in this video

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All music provided royalty free by Epidemic Music
Blue Wednesday – Track Title Q

-Video Credits-
Creator and Host – Mike G
Co-Editor and Producer – Hayden H @haydenhoyl
Blog Writer – Alex C @threhungrybellies

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Rachel Rogers says:

What happened to brothers green eats?

Philiqq says:

Can you do a video about making sauces in general? I always struggle on it :/
It gets not thick enough or it lacks in taste intensity.

Just basic ones. For example brown sauce, white sauce, red sauce, curry sauce etc.
Sauces you can eat on a lot of things with rice and vegetables and stuff :)

Henry Jubeda says:

Bananas are terrible sugar bombs, don't feed your kids baked bananas

PinkSaira1 says:

Brother please share sourdough recipe

PinkSaira1 says:

Brother I loved every single recipe. So proud of you for leading by example for your daughter, the beauty of healthy eating. Thank you for sharing. I'm excited to try all of these!

Bex Bond says:

Absolutely loving the 15 minute meals – they look amazing and I love the customisable side and nutritional value! Please do keep them coming ♥️🙏

Fernando Antonialli says:

Hey man, loving your videos! One thing i'm really curious, is how you store your veggies, and leafs… You just put them in the ziplock bags and keep them in the fridge? I saw in some of your videos a paper towel covering some herbs inside the ziplock bag… Would really appreciate if you make a video explaining how to keep the veggies, herbs and fruits fresh, for the as long as possible.
Cheers from Brasil and keep up the good work!

Charles Melin says:

Please, more 15min meals! So valuable!!! Thank you!

Daisy Fields 80 says:

No! How you gonna make Latkes in bacon fat?!!!

Samyueru Lagann says:

Hey Mike!! Would you recommend your "Conquer the Kitchen" class to beginners?

sew sweet says:

Brunner = breakfast for dinner lol

Continental Desi Kitchen CDK says:

Not everyone's hardwork gets their due recognition 😔😔

Aaron Grill says:

The kiwis I get from the store have been a lie

Matt Rogie says:

What kind of gas burner is that?


"Making banana pancakes and pretend like it's the weekend now."
Your Daughter is so adorable.

Shaun Oldfield says:

These are amazing! I love your videos they are so easy to follow and take almost no time. Can I ask what you use to make your Oat milk? That machine looks like it's going on my Christams list lol

LimqezCinema says:

Banana pancakes changed my life lol😆

Roberto Miki says:

I just tried the pancakes and those are great! Love the videos!

TouchMCookie says:

What about breakfast burritos? I'm sure you can store the mix overnight right?

Bobbi Fosburg says:

The link does not go to the recipes

Nina says:

take bread, take butter, take cheese/ham/salami/nutella -> brekki done

Joshua Wood says:

Why did the blog post for this video disappear?

Jeremy Majewski says:

The mason jar lid for the potatoes was ingenious. These videos are incredible. Thank you!

PDXTundra says:

Your website took a dive bud.

Matheus Manzan says:

The chicken was like "is that my baby?"

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