Toddler-Friendly Vegan Recipes | 3 vegan recipes everyone will LOVE

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Adri Ballestero says:

LoL We are sick of oatmeal too🤣🤣

Gracie Romero says:

I was very skeptical of the chickpea scramble, but also very eager to try it so I went and bought some chickpea flour and made it for my daughter and husband… they LOVED it!! I loved it too, wonderful creative recipe thank you dearly!

A R says:

New vegan here, I had no idea how bad it was to eat so much dairy, meat, and eggs. I thought they were actually healthy. I’ve never felt better. The trick is transitioning my toddler.

Karel Williams says:

You have a beautiful skin 😍😍

Naeem Reign says:

Vegan baby yaaaay

Jena Coker says:

Where would I get spirulina at when all I have is mostly major food stores like Walmart and have to use food stamps.

Bernice Sipes says:

The chickpea flour scramble

Iam Shenique says:

Are there exact measurements for this recipe? I would like to make this for my kids and I. Great video just love it!

Jacqui Garrison says:

I’m just watching the video now and don’t necessarily want to scroll through the comments, but I did want to know if you’re okay cause it seems like you’re upset.

I’m gonna try some of these for my two year old. You guys are so cute! Love!

Mya Hariley says:

The containers you put the pudding in… I can’t recall the video I think you linked them in. Please let me know 😊

unsweetened cheerios says:

Ohhh that chickpea scramble looks so good

Malisha Goggans says:

Okay-first things first… You look amazing and sooo don't look like you have a toddler sis. I love how healthy you are. I have been following you since 2017! Okay. soooo I will try to chickpea flour and this recipe for breakfast. Thanks again! Blessings to the family

Beverly James says:

Who are those jars by that you used for the pudding?

Carolina Lopez says:

I just found your channel and OMG, you love to try some of your recipes!! Do you have a “grocery list” that could help me get started?

Ter says:

Hi! Can you tell me what you use on your skin??? Thanks!

Donna Banks says:

Baby J said I want to try mommy's dish too!!! Get it Baby J!!!!

Le Comtess says:

Awesome ideas. Tell me about those cute jars with lids tho!

A C says:

Child abuse should not be popular.

Hannah Banana says:

I’ve never scrambled chickpea flour before, I love using for frittatas but will definitely have to give this a go 😍

J F says:

You sliced and diced those mangoes to perfection!

Sheri Soltes says:

The egg recipe came out more thick and doughy. Maybe bc I just used garlic, a shallot and spinach. Not your recipe, I know from the link. But now I know chickpea flour exists.

Kitchen AAN RAY says:

Hey there, I've started a food channel which focuses on the ways of making different kind of international food. So can you give it a quick chick and I appreciate any kind of feed back

Sheri Soltes says:

Just a quick note to say how much I’ve been enjoying your cookbook. I’ve never eaten better! (I tried to also order your 5 Ingredient cookbook but it never arrived. Wd still like to buy it!)

Jenny Calero says:

Love your videos..❤ where are the jars you used for the spirulina chia pudding from? Love that they have caps.

PointyRedDog says:

wow i need that cool bib/food capturer for myself

LaVonda DeBrito says:

This looks great! Thx for this video! Bought your book and ready to transition the rest of the family😊

Corey Brandon says:

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NMJ says:

You make it look easy & delicious! I made it 4 days on a vegan diet, then messed up this weekend. But I’m back to it today!!!

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