Top 10 Late Night Snack Recipes

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Get your friends over and whack a film on with these 10 delicious late night snack recipes!

0:00 – Garlic Bread Chips With Bacon Cheese Dip
1:02 – Pizza Churros
2:00 – Cheesesteak Pop Tarts
3:08 – Cheeseburger Mozzarella Sticks
4:02 – Mini Garlic Bread Pizza Cups
4:59 – French Onion Steak Sliders
6:09 – Pizza Taquitos
6:56 – Muffin Tin Big Macs
7:57 – Ham & Cheese French Toast Pockets
8:50 – Cheeseburger Corn Dogs

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Yordanos Tsegai says:


Blanch Dsouza says:

It ain't night rn
Just want to make something quick and easy 😂🤣😋

Blanch Dsouza says:

My mum will kill me for doing this at night while she's asleep

Jordana Nagawa says:

I really love your recipes, but hey guys you can also have cereal as a late-night snack<3

Fun channel says:

Use different video backround music y is it always the same

Paridhi Bangur says:

Best late night dish is namkeen Or our all favourite maggi🤣🤣

Nabeeha Waheed says:

Please make some awesome new recipes from microwave

seaweedsally says:

I just use these "late night snack" recipes for Game Day or binge-watching snacks!

Shaikh Hamida says:

Why you use broken chopstek you are poor

Borris Erasmus says:

They are really good its just not a fast mitnight snack really

Ronpo Edogawa says:

You want me to walk to the kitchen to turn on the oven and start cooking?!
One: the missing things in the fridge will not be found ever
Two: just walking up the hall one crack and she’s wide awake you know who no one dares to utter her name


Can't I make a snack without cheese😪


amazing but??? late night snack??😅😅😅

Vinay kumar says:

omg they look so awsum and might taste more awsum.. i just love eating and i cant just live without eating but i love my digestion too and for that i have planet ayurveda digesto plan and its just worth it

Nuzaba nazin says:

fun fact u dont have anything at ur home

BS20-827 Sangita Tudu says:

If we are cooking food with using too much ingredients and utensils but later you will spend the whole night while utensils, it would be better if I will cook the proper healthy food.

Goretetsengg says:

You said late night snacks and when I mean late night snacks I mean me not my cooking because I Will make noise

Poorvi C M says:

7:52 smallest burger I want to taste it

Poorvi C M says:

It is like 5 minute craft

Cube Apple says:

whos gonna go thru all this to make a late night snack late at night 😩

LO$ER - LO♡ER says:

It didn't work for me 😆

Jannatul mawa says:

Instead of bacon we can put chicken

Pog says:

Well an instant noodles always beat these though

Hana says:

Nah, I need something quite to make so that my parents won’t know that’s I’m eating

KiZo TV says:

Cool 💙🧡💜💛❤️💚

Sarah Baggott says:

I crave all of this at night but I don’t have the time OR the free house in order to make these at f*-off-o’clock in the morning.

cutie.styles says:

My idea of late night snacks is literally just a bag of chips or literally any snack I find

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