Top 10 of the BEST EASY Chicken Recipes! | Tasty Weeknight Dinners ANYONE CAN MAKE | Julia Pacheco

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WEEKNIGHT MEALS MADE EASY | TASTY CHICKEN RECIPES | WHAT’S FOR DINNER? LET’S GET COOKING! Today I’ve gathered up ten of my favorite easy chicken dinner ideas! I’m only bringing you 10 today, but I have many more chicken recipes I absolutely love. These recipes are extremely simple to throw together in the slow cooker, sheet pan, as a casserole or in just one pot on the stove top! I hope you enjoy this quick, what to make for dinner with chicken compilation and find a little cooking inspiration! Thank you for all the support 🤗

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0:00 Welcome! ❖ Today’s Recipes
0:20 Chicken Taquitos
2:25 Sweet & Sour Chicken
5:04 Slow Cooker BBQ Drumsticks
7:12 Lemon Butter Chicken
9:45 Broccoli Alfredo
12:25 Southwest Chicken & Veggies
14:32 Creamy Italian Chicken
15:29 Caprese Chicken
17:51 Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo
20:01 Ceasar Chicken Salad

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Elizabeth Strnad says:

I've been a viewer for about 6 months! Love you're easy meals and options for frozen meals. Please can you tell me what brand cookware you use and you're noodle strainer that covers the sink? Thank you 😊💓

Elizabeth Strnad says:

Love your chicken meals! I was wondering what the staples that you need on hand are? I'm guessing cheese, heavy cream? I have frozen chicken! Any suggestions on quick crock pot meals? Love your cooking tips.

Jeanie Ann says:

We need some thing else besides chicken, ground beef, and pasta.

brigutler says:

I am amazed at your ability I love all your recipes thank you for sharing

Dolores Boettcher says:

Great recipes

Sandy's Cookbook says:

New sub. Looks like I am going to love your channel from I have seen so far. I am on disability and definitely have to watch what I spend on food. You are giving me all kinds of new recipes to try out on here.

Marlene R says:

Great easy recipes have to try them. Love your pans what kind are they & where did you get them?

Vonneke Warlich says:

My favorite is chicken..❤️😍❤️

Ruthiroo23 says:

Just a head’s up- taquitos can only be made with corn tortillas. If they are made with flour then they are called flautas. And if you make them burrito style w flour tortillas then they are called chimichangas. All three are delicious and your flautas look super yummy.

beachbaby says:

I love your recipes and you are a great cook!

Eleni Stamatakis says:

Hi Julie,
I just found YOU on YouTube,and I'm very excited about it.
Being greek love to cook and some baking,and always looking for new ideas
Over all I not like
But LOVE 💘ur ideas
In ur cooking cause u make them very easy
For us especially with ur measurements.
And I subscribed to your channel.

Beachvibezz says:

I’m an little girl and I love your videos and my mum to I have learned a lot from your channel my mum copied your pasta recipes and it turned out delicious

Bonzerelli14 says:

Omg I just found your channel I am so excited!!!! To binge watch your videos like it’s a Netflix series 😊

Arctic SheWolf says:

Been watching for a few months now.. totally made the Broccoli chicken alfredo bake tonight! Super excitied to eat it. Added some basil as well since it's my favorite!!

Megan Skeels says:

I am pretty new to your channel and I have already made so many things. You have inspired me to get to cooking after really having a hard time being motivated to cook since COVID started. These quick and easy meals using few ingredients really are so versatile and easy! Thanks so much!!!!

Robin Bartolome says:

I really like your channel. I tried a couple of your meals and they were great. Thanks

Mary Jo Webb says:

Love your videos! I'm heading to the kitchen to make uour delish Chicken Caesar!!! Thanks!!!💖

Friends & Family Kitchen says:

My favorite recipe.. Thanks for sharing

Mer P says:

I made the broccoli chicken Alfredo for dinner tonight. It was a hit! I highly recommend that recipe. 👍🏽

Ashley Wattanaparuda says:

Hi Julie! New subscriber here. I’m trying a recipe of yours for the first time today. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. They all look so yummy! Being a busy homeschool mom of 4, I don’t always have time to watch videos and write it all down. Do you have a recipe book for purchase by chance? The meals you cook are a lot like what I try to make for my family. I’m so glad I found your channel!

Kaz Hausler says:

Im an Aussie!! What a delight to find you and your wonderful recipes! A welcome enlightment and change from the typical american food of cheese cheese cheese etc! Lovely healthy home made meals full of flavour and easy to do!! Well done!!! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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