Top 5 Delicious Appetizers For Your Next Party by Master chef

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Master chef John Zhang shows you easy and delicious appetizers recipes that are perfect for any party or gathering.

0:10 Egg rolls with Apple Plum Sauce (Sweet and Sour)
2:31 Crispy Seafood Spring Rolls
5:43 Crispy Curry Chicken Wonton Bites
7:46 Creamy Crab Rangoon
9:46 Sweet Banana Spring Rolls

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Are you a foodie craving Chinese food? Look no further.

Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking.

Whether you want to know how to make Chinese dishes at home, or learn how to master cooking with a wok, we’ve got you covered.

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gus says:

the song sounds like a remix of a nelly song called dilemma when kelly rowland sings :

Jorey's Kitchen says:

Its look delicious, but the ingredients is too difficult to find in our area.

Bhaswati Roychoudhury says:

Prawns are not deveined 👎

dd88lim says:

Love the recipes and the music!!!

Asit Jena says:

China needs democracy.

jedus007 says:

Hi chef you could be the Body double of Kim Jong un 👌 great recipes

Yummy and easy 101 / Cooking tutorials says:

I love to try this it’s look so delicious

marika lathem says:

Chef John, I save each and everyone of your videos! Thank you for being such an inspiration ✌️

kolloyan suos says:

Merci monsieur

Jae Kang says:

Not only excellent Chef 👨‍🍳 he is very Cleanness Stylish very Elegant every he’s moves not only makes my mouth watery also my eyes and ears happy too!…Amazing gracious

Arya Stark says:

So much love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
We love your food.
Share the sheet recipe too which you rolled.

Genoveva Arredondo says:

Hola ..por favor traduce en español…eres genial y muchas gracias por tú canal …

Nilusha Eshani says:

Amazing 🤩

ciprian jula says:

I love ur videos sir 🙃

Anonimul says:


Mohamad Riski A B says:

I wonder why the Chef is adding baking soda to the boiling water? I mean what is the purpose of add baking soda into the boiling water?

Milka Puro says:

Best chef ever

Williams Atuahene says:

I really like chine food and am proud of been a chines Chef . Our work are always clean

DREAMER 7 says:

How many Vegans r here..😣😓..I wish he makes some veggy receipes 😞…even if I don't eat non veg I'm still obsessed with his cooking style that I couldn't jus leave this channel 😣🤐. 👁️👄👁️

Ben Fitial says:

Oh my…can't wait for my wife to see this show 👍😉. Thanks Master Chef.🙂✌

Brittany Roberts says:

Crab rangoon!!!! Definitely trying that

cheekydegus says:

Anyone know the music?

Aolod Lerdon says:


jadagirl69 says:

Only thing I had an issue with was that the shrimp weren't cleaned

Esther Nzuki says:

Wow, its true his fingers look so clean and pink….a good sign of 'kitchen workmanship'.

Loida Fernando says:

😮 this is what I call a master chef, amazing ! Thanks for sharing chef.

neha s says:

☺️ सिर्फ एक बार मेरी तरह नारियल की बर्फी बना करें कि आपको बहुत पसंद आएगी पक्का प्रॉमिस

K R says:

Can someone please explain the oil frying technique I see here in this video and keep seeing in Chinese cooking? I noticed a few times when Chef John tosses things in oil the oil is not completely up to temperature yet. I also noticed this in a recent Chinese series I watched called Chef Hua (I highly recommend it to all who love C-drama and cooking, it's really a cute story loaded with lots of great Chinese cuisine). Anyway, in the states I have been taught you must have oil heat up to temperature first, before placing food in oil or you will make the food absorb too much oil during the frying process and it won't cook correctly. But it doesn't look like that happens with somethings like wonton wrappers? Can anyone explain this?

K P says:

His knife skills are to die for ..

zen says:

Can u pls make video on chinese cut vegetables? I dont know how to chop vegetables for chinese food ?ty

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