Top 5 Gummy candy recipes – homemade gummy bears and gummy lego

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How to make gummy bears? Today we are testing the top 5 gummy candy recipes we found online. We will walk through each one and finally decide which ones are worth making and which one you should avoid at all costs! We have new content coming out every week, so be sure to subscribe to stay up to date!

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There are a lot of gummy bear recipes that claim that their homemade gummy bears are the best, but there doesn’t seem to be any consensus. We are testing the following recipes.
-The king of Random lego gummy recipe
-The Fruit Juice flavoured one
-The Sour is power recipe
-The Quick and Easy method
– and the Eat it faster recipe.

We have mold for gummy lego, gummy bears, gummy worms, and alot more!

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Luis Collignon says:

Which preservative would you recommend for the gummies to last as long as posible? Such as store bought gummies?

Donald DiCarlo says:

U two are too annoying to get past the 45 second mark.

Trans2Scribe says:

clicked off after 1st one. this is totally wrong

Kurokitten987 says:

I might have missed it but which method of prepping the molds was better in your opinion?

Sartika Sy says:

I try making gummy bear, but when i let it dry only 2 days but why my gummy started to get really dry and getting hard?

BK's Kitchen and Craft says:

Nice, multiple choices. I never use corn syrup in my gummies. Thanks for telling the science behind it.

Rowena Flores says:

I like the principles in different method . thanks for sharing

Ifeoma Ogoegbunam says:

What makes it very chewy and what is the essence of the corn syrup…and what can be substituted with Jell-O

DestructiveCreativity says:

Have you made gummy candy before? I would love to hear what your stories are!

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