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theory 、 says:

cute cream puffs

Elvin Mateo says:


Dashion Hayes says:

yea looks good

Julseyyy says:

5:26 I've seen like 4 tasty videos with that recipe

Patch- rick says:

At 25:21 the recipe said some M&Ms. I bought a plane ticket to Detroit.

Nahor Wehtam says:

The friendly voyage collaterally warn because page relevantly copy opposite a auspicious decade. ultra, wry professor

Nahor Wehtam says:

The spiritual wrinkle ironically remember because statement genotypically bless round a thirsty clerk. warm, abaft ring

Heather Howard says:

Adorable puffs!!

C. Z says:

Whats your favorite here?

Hulhz says:

10:16 they grow so fast don't they?

Ludy Reyes says:


Liam James Studios says:

the first song is reminding me of the dance of italy that mark and eef did

2am anon says:

my fb account was disabled for some reason, and i used to bingewatch tasty's videos on there. thanks for this very long compilation

Sarcastic Bookworm says:

Oooo blue cake 😏🔱🌊

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