Top Ten Instant Pot FALL Soup Recipes

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Soups are one of the easiest things to cook in your Instant Pot! These Top 10 of some of my FAVORITES and they all taste AMAZING!
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Here are Printable recipes for you!
1. Broccoli Cheddar Soup:

2. Loaded Taco Soup:

3. Instant Pot Chili:

4. Chicken Noodle Soup:

5. Sweet Potato Soup:

6. Minestrone Soup:

7. 7 Can Tortilla Soup:

8. Instant Pot Stew: (This is the slow cooker recipe – watch recipe above to make it in the Instant Pot)

9. Wild Rice Soup:

10. Disneyland Clam Chowder: (This is how to make it on the stove top – watch recipe above to make it in the Instant Pot.

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wall-to-wall books says:

I just made the broccoli cheddar soup today… A-ma-zing!! I have made broccoli cheddar soup before but this recipe is the best I’ve tasted.
I did make a few small changes. Being a vegetarian I did use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.
I used leeks instead of onions. I added a little bit of chopped red sweet pepper. I used a light cream. I doubled the nutmeg because I love nutmeg in soups! And I used chili powder instead of hot sauce, again because I love chili powder in soups LOL this was definitely a keeper and one that I will make over and over! Thank you!

Dar C says:

Where can I purchase my own 'chop 'n' stir' thing? I would like several.

Dr. Tara Hatley says:

What's the best way to oil gasket?

karen benson says:

Do you think the broccoli soup cam be done in the crockpot?

karen benson says:

I don't have an instapot, do you think

Stephenie Wright says:

Hi there😄 love your recipes lady’s but I will say I’m afraid of the insta pot I had one given to me and I have only used it 1 time to try to make hash brown casserole and I had to start it 2 times to get it all the way done but stuff stuck all to the bottom and I wasn’t impressed or even going to try to mess with it again as a matter of fact it’s in the “get rid of pile” lol but watching these make me wanna try again… what could I have done wrong for my first try to not work well or should I assume that mine is broke or something? Also what would you recommend (recipe) is no fail and cheap enough to try again in case it doesn’t work out? I am slow cooker fan but I’m thinking maybe I should give this one more try??

reta strong says:

I don’t know which one to try first. Thanks for another awesome video.

dianasmith08 says:

I love your channel and the recipes are so easy. Could you please leave a link where you purchased the cutting mats? I wanted to add those to my kitchen accessories. Thanks for all the great recipes.

Portia Read says:

It would help me if you tell us what size instant pot you are using for the recipe.

Portia Read says:

Do you have low sodium recipes?

Athena K Delmontie says:

I forgot how much I loved wild rice soup and clam chowder. Looking forward to making these recipes!

Pacific Blue says:

I'm so leary now of IP recipes because the flavor is never quite what I expected or like. Your recipes look really good so I'm going to try at least a couple of them. If I want my soup to be somewhat spicy what spice(s) would you recommend for some heat? Thank you so much!!

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