Traditional Chinese Recipes *Vegetarian* 🌱

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Recreating vegetarian 🌱 versions of my childhood favorites! If you’re Chinese, these are popular dishes you may have grown up eating!

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iC3300 says:

Hi Michi 😍

Amy Ung says:

Please do more canto vlogs 😭❤️

milly duong says:

Where is your top from? Thank you for the recipes ❤️❤️

becky nhan says:

Hair tutorial plsss!! 💓💓

amy lor says:

Omg your hand mirror at the beginning ! So so cute where from?!

zmiao yuan says:

it looks good~

joannadesu says:

i LOVE pickled radish

Ling Wei says:

OMG exactly two of my favourite dishes. yummm

Steff says:

I know you like the bitter melon- my grandma use to make the same beef recipe with bitter melon instead of squash and it's just as good!

havesomesoda says:

I loved she called her gramma 靓女

Honeycore83 says:

Where can we get your palette in europe ?

Charlotte Chang says:

I love this video so so much! Theres actually a large population of Taiwanese people who are vegetarian (from what I know), so I’ll definitely be trying these out for my family! 😁

Li Ricepaper says:

michi‘s super cute at the end😊

Li Ricepaper says:

i use that icecream jar for my snacks😆

Li Ricepaper says:

pretty makeup in the thumbnail!

fun fun says:

So funny to also understand the Cantonese partttt!!! Haha 加d鹽

Doris Lin says:

It's so fun hearing u speaking Cantonese, nor sure just me, but I kinda detect some older generation Cantonese accent in the way u speak haha

Selly Gouw says:

I always enjoy watching your cooking videos!😍🥰 makes me want to get out of the bed and eat hahahaha

Yee2Min says:

I love these cooking videos~~ It always so fun to watch! I want to buy the Always Pan when I move into my new apartment next year and was going to get the same color as yours.. however, it looks like it stains easily. :( Does anyone know where she get her knives?

Sia Tran says:

Nostalgic!!! Need to cook these, but will wait for the squash from my parents' garden…soon! Love you video!

jennyfuljenjen says:

Which magnetic lashes did you try?

Razia Khan says:

My friend bought me your palette for my birthday and I am in love with it, the colors are so pretty and smell so good. I didn't think some of the colors would show up on me bc I am more tan, but everything shows up pretty well. Now, I just need to learn how to use the palette better haha!

Bear Says Good Luck says:

My family uses tofu instead of the squash!! It tastes amazing :) you should give it a try. It's a traditional hakkanese dish!

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