Turn Leftover Halloween Candy Into Delicious Desserts!

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Every Halloween we end up with a tone of candy! I’m always searching for ways to turn the candy into something else. Today I’m sharing 2 new recipes using your Halloween candy. The best part, both are super easy to freeze so you can save them!

Candy Bar Blondies – https://www.garnishwithlemon.com/one-bowl-candy-bar-blondies/

Halloween Candy Cookies – http://www.suzdaily.com/2012/11/what-should-i-do-with-left-over-halloween-candy-make-halloween-candy-cookies.html


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Marelin Zarate says:

The first thing I eat is Kit-Katz so………..

Keri Mcguire says:

Looks good! I am SOOOOO going to make these – thanks for the tips 😁

Keeley Frank says:

These both sound amazing! My favorite thing to do with kit kats and anything Reese's (the peanut butter pumpkins work great) is to chop them up and put them into pancake mix! My fiance wanted candy pancakes last weekend so that's what I threw together and they were so good lol

Angelia Clary says:

Awesome ideas! I had never thought of doing things like this with the massive amount of candy my kids get. TFS 😊

RsIslandCrafts - Robin says:

Our area collects halloween candy and sends it to the soldiers.

Ra Ra says:

Sugar with a side of sugar!!

Joan Hackney says:

I vacuum seal mine in large ball canning jars, that way I have them for next year.Β  Joan

karen jones says:

great ideas! oh for smell-a-vision! i like the new (to me) format with you working on chopping/mixing with camera off to the side. thanks for sharing! for one, i am glad to have the candy gone – far too much temptation here and now have 2 lbs extra to take off due to serious hand – mouth action with reeses peanut butter cups. sigh. as nicole says – the struggle is real. take care ~k

Elaine R says:

For the love of a rose…what a ridiculous tradition! Why would you give THAT quantity of sugar treats to the children of a nation that battles obesity? Makes no sense to a non-American!

E Family says:

NEW subbie here! SO glad I found your channel! LOVING it all! TFS! ~*~

Jerry & Linda's Place/Everyday Living says:

Tfs πŸ˜„πŸ’

Iheart2cook says:

Looks delicious! I would add more candy, Fun size candy bars are actually the β€œbigger” little candy bars. The single Kitkats are minis.

Angels Haven says:

You cld hv split the bough in sections wrapped in saran wrap….enough for 6 cookies….and stick all smaller balls into 1 freezer bag, instead of 1 large ball. Just idea to help.

μ •μ•€λ“œλ₯˜ says:

Awesomeness. TfS

HollyBerry253 says:

This was brilliant! I had never thought of this….thanks for sharing! πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

T G says:

Oh man I want a blondie right now … and gosh those cookies sound delicious too. I have no little ones in my house, and believe it or not we didn't have any candy to give out, because like last year we didn't have one child come to the door of our condominium. I think parents just don't want to go up and down stair with their kids in costumes. When my 28 year old daughter was younger I would let her "have at it" … typically the candy was in a bag in her bedroom, she ate what she liked but she was never a big candy eater so she didn't ever eat a ton at one time, then a month or so later she would throw away whatever she didn't eat she would toss out. TFS I love the cookie idea of all kinds of candy thrown in, I might make some for the holidays.

Patricia says:

Great idea tfs!!

Susie Trentham says:

one year we let them pick their top 20 pieces each. Then they left the rest on the kitchen table and in the morning we swapped it for a new DVD

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