Unleash Your Inner Cookie Monster with These 6 Cookie Recipes

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1. Cookie Shot Glasses: https://taste.md/2SZdME9
2. Cookie Dough Protein Cheesecake: https://taste.md/2SY45Wy
3. Strawberry Cookies: https://taste.md/2ywhDiy
4. Shakashaka Cookies: https://taste.md/2YCdjZJ
5. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies: https://taste.md/2YB9oMT
6. Cookie Butter 3 Ways: https://taste.md/2KafGyT


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Nick Dawwg says:

My school has this video posted as one of the projects btw, we gotta do a project on how this relates to life and whatever

Nicole Briant says:

Ew why put protein powder in there that’s disgusting

cjallenroxs says:

Cookie monster wants to know your location

Chop Happy says:

All those cookies are really gonna turn me into the cookie monster lol. Nothing better than just making a good cookie from scratch

Haley Faragalli says:

The stars look perfect

Silkina Ahluwalia says:

Seriously there's nothing better than cookies and especially not cookie dough cheesecake

KayeZZ1 says:

stop stop stop, I need to know… Why is there so much protein powder in this first recipe????

Αθανάσιος Παπ says:

I'm going to make and see the perfection of the chocolate chip cookies

Qaima Ali says:

Again raw stuff

Rebeccah Herdener says:

I was thinking those strawberry treats could also function as brains on Halloween. Lol. I LOVE cool Halloween treat ideas. And yall just gave me a BRILLIANT one!💜

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