Veal Scallopine: 10 recipes in 1, Italian Recipe – Gianni's North Beach

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Veal scallopine or, if you prefer, veal cutlet is an extremely versatile dish and you can make at least 10 variations from my one recipe. The cooking directions are exactly the same for all of the recipe permutations. You saute the meat and make the sauce in the same pan. Then you bake the scallopine in the oven with the pan sauce. Only the ingredients and combinations you choose may vary not the sauce nor the cooking methods.

My current favorites are scallopine alla sorrentina (veal, prosciutto, roasted eggplant, basil, fresh mozzarella) and scallopine alla bolognese (veal, prosciutto, fresh sage, fontina), but really I’ll take scallopine any way I can get it–it’s that good. Try all 10+ variations yourself and let me know which one’s your favorite!

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Ian Scianablo says:

How do you get the fried cutlets nt to get tough? Any Adolphs meat tenderizer?

Christy Hernandez says:

Looks delicious.

Anthony Francesconi says:

I’m a believer. Great channel!

Angel Marandola says:

Can you make some clams and spaghetti

marcus cicero says:

German, Polish, Italian and all the Europeans go nutso for veal. I didn't grow up with it, have eaten it, find it fairly flavorless like chicken, but about 10 times the cost of chicken. What gives with this European fascination with veal.

Joseph1NJ says:

Gotta love that NJ accent.

Joanne Robinson says:

You make me hungery. I am Italian and cook these dìshes. My Nanny thought how to do this.
The best can't beat this

MrTinner66 says:

Che la "Fontina" (D.O.P. = denominazione di origine protetta) fosse d'origine bolognese è per me una "strana novità"… Adesso mi arrabbio con la Valle d'Aosta e con tutti i valdostani che incontro… lol, mi hanno sempre mentito. Il "prosciutto" lo fanno in tutto il nord Italia, ma il rinomato e di Parma o il San Daniele (Friuli).

I'm Charming says:


Nelson Melamund says:

Your work is just incredible. Most inspiring.

Thomas Sutherland says:

How could anyone not like eggplant? ?

jimmy johns says:

Not even close.

Agent Smith says:

You are supporting animal cruelty and participating in it. You will have a very bad karma. I t is the Universal Law

Fati Asi says:

Io sono flice di seguirla👌👌👌

Bob Jordan says:

I really enjoy your videos. You are authentic! Would like to see you make pasta ala amatriciana.


Was in the Bay area some years ago and ate at many different restaurants. One severed the veal with capers and? but was not as nice as yours. You are officially 'The Man' when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Will be doing a whole series on my channel with everything you cook but with some crazy 'flair'. Can't thank you enuff!

This channel is gold!

George Buras says:

I think That You Greek Man. Γιαννις Your cooking is greate.

Mick G. says:

Wow. I thought the sauce colour was going to spoil the presentation; however it came out a lovely deep red/brown. Can I substitute the veal for pork or beef? In the summer I cook for 25 and veal is expensive in the UK. The little I buy goes in the meatballs for the Sunday gravy.

theresa bollman says:

All such beautiful dishes. I'd have to have a taste of each! Thank you for sharing.

Gianni North Beach says:

Ciao Darryl.

Thanks for your kind words. You were living here during North Beach's golden age. I'm jealous. I'm happy that my dishes remind you of those days. Got any recipes you want to share?

Buon appetito!

Darryl Propes says:

This guy Gianna is the best ! All these recipies are EXACTLY the same 1s my mother use to make for me growing up. I grew up in North beach in the 50s and Molinari"s and the Victoria Bakery were my favorite places & the Ravioli factory too. God-Bless this guy. He has the the REAL TRUE ORIGINAL recipies of Italy. Thanks Gianni, Caio Bello !

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