Vegan Recipes That You'll Love

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Need new vegan recipes to try out at home? These recipes are easy to learn and delicious!

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mom, com pick me up, i'm scared says:

Wtf make cheese sandwich if u're vegan

MJ says:

New vegans: If you eat like this often, you will gain weight.

Ebhota David says:

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Life with Serenity, All things good says:

Amazing!! Thank you! <3

Trish Lee says:

Lovely recipe! Thank you for sharing! :)

jjleejj says:

Vegan recipes are impossible to love… There's no meat or flavour 🤦‍♂️

Binay Topno says:

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luke booth says:

How goods a steak tho

French Montana says:

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grace li says:

I've seen everything before even the music

Tara Nicholas says:

Although these vegan substitutes look sick , surely we should stop focusing on meat alternatives and come up with whole new and better ideas ??? Let us move on 💞

Venus Saradar Amiri says:


Simon Piper says:

Ooh,grass sarnies……..mmmm

tinytophy says:

The title of this video is a contradiction.

Bazziness says:

I think, rather than posting the same videos all over again, they should make new videos with Merle

Bazziness says:

Isn't this video likes to repeat the old videos?

Chikahちぃか。 says:

Amazing Vegan ✨🍀✨nice and nicer!

Ally J designs 2! says:

These look amazing, can't wait to try these recipes out!

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