WHAT I ATE IN A DAY VEGAN (easy high protein recipes)

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Natasha Lapierre says:

Shut the fuck up lazy hore

Heather Nelson says:

I make the tofu "egg" salad from your e-book all the time. It's so quick and easy to make.

C L says:

I've never made lentils before and have some in my pantry so this is perfect timing!! Thank you!! Your videos have been so helpful for me ever since I went vegan 2 years ago but esp. lately bc I moved out on my own and can't rely on my parents cooking anymore haha

Kristen Knight says:

Girl I am so blessed I found you
I have just recently converted to Veganism. You are the BEST girl. Love your ebook. Yes please. Could not have done this without you.
By the way you are so BEAUTIFUL girl. Love the green hair

Natasha says:

The tofu egg sandwich looks so yummy! 🀀 Btw, i'm ib love with your hair color!πŸ’š how often do you get mistaken for a mermaid? πŸ˜›

Blythe Vrindavana says:

Watching this while eating curry green lentils with spinach and brown rice and a bok choy salad. Lentils are life!

Monika Andrysova says:

Hi Rose, thank you for great video.
I have question, does tofu not need to be cooked first?

LeenDyk says:

Love your hair.

Silzaress says:

Girl, where is your asian/korean e-book?! πŸ˜€

Jayme Brooks says:

Finally a Canadian YouTuber recommending something that ships to Canada!!!

eat more plants says:

Looks delicious πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯check out eat more 🌱 for how to make a VEGAN INDIAN FEAST, VEGAN JAMAICAN CURRY CHICKEN, VEGAN PHO, and more!

Jay Guptill says:

Thank you for your videos!! I've learned so much from you!!

Little Rosey Posey says:

i’ve actually never tried lentils!! I wonder what they taste like, great video again rose🌹

Johanna Woodbury says:

Those look amazing! Uncooked chickpeas all the time, but I've never cooked rice along with them. I think I'll have to give it a go!

Victoria Fowler says:

Love your channel and your videos! Just curious if you have any good recommendations for vegan protein powders that dont have any stevia?

Angela Marchetto says:

Lentils and some other legumes take longer to cook if you add salt during the cooking process(coconut aminos)

Deb Beroff says:

Was this a brown rice setting or white? Thx.

Bearrification says:

Pls straighten the god damn video.

Veganimal says:

There's probably no vitamin c in bottled lemon juice. Even if there was any, it would be destroyed by cooking. You can squeeze real lemon juice after cooking or just eat raw spinach.

D MM says:

Great tip about the chickpeas!! πŸ’š

Francie says:

Your recipes are so helpful – so easy and delicious!!! Thumbs up!!

The Fifth World says:

Yes girl πŸ¦πŸ’•πŸ¦

sandra danen says:

The link for the garlic teriyaky lentils does not work unfortunately

Fr0gg0 D0gg0 says:

This video could definitely use more ads. Fantastic video. I love the recipes. It just needs… more ads.


TIP : Soak your lentils for a few hours before you cook them and your body will absorb the nutrients better.

David Mcgregor says:

Great video. Some people think you are not cheap and lazy enough.

Cathi O'Mira says:

I would actually add some black salt to the egg salad. I tried it in India and it tasts just like eggs and I absolutely Ioved it. Haven't used it in egg salad yet but I'll give it a try soon!

Emelia Onichi says:

Omg! I fail on the vegan challenge for this month but next month I trying Korean diet for maybe for month. However, going back in the future on a Vegan lifestyle. I ate a Vegan lifestyle for three months =) I prefer it . Yeah, I was vegetarian and I only some fish but I haven't ate fish for five months =) But now I vegetarian.. because of a cheese lol and others stuff. Lol some facts just in case some are curious but my family's eat meat that I cook for them. Thank goodness your channel existed in my platform and I heart all those recipes and great site too =) Thank for reading =)

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