What I Eat In A Day At Home | Healthy & Dairy Free

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Sesame Dressing Recipe:

1 tsp salt
2 T cane sugar
2 T sesame oil
3 T white vinegar
1/4 C olive oil

Shake to combine!


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FTC Disclaimer: All things in this video are my legit opinions. I was sponsored by RITUAL for this video.

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Delina Marie says:

Are you able to link the vega protein powder? Im not finding the french vanilla in the protein and greens version 😔. Many thanks

Jacquelyn Hammerton says:

Breakfast: toasted rye bread, cream cheese, homemade strawberry jam (my version of the Romeo/Juliet combo)

Lunch: Mixed salad topped with chopped tomato, chopped avocado, mixed nuts, raisins and homemade salad dressing, followed by a full-fat yogurt and some fruit

Dinner: Thai coconut curry (just veggie or chicken) served with rice

Dessert: Vegan chocolate balls
(avocado, coco powder, sugar or sweetener, rolled in coconut shavings and praline)

P.S. I really LOVE your videos!

nancy den says:

Ur whole day food is just my breakfast..now i knw why u sooo fit…thankss

Claire Zhang says:

this is such an unrealistic diet for an adult

BellaEssentialLiving says:

Not to be a meany at all, but why eat so clean and still have the almond milk – it is full of chemicals and sweeteners. Otherwise, YOU inspire me to get back to all that you were eating at this time! I am new to your channel and love how you show how to minimize, raw and real! Thank you, thank you so much!!

M J says:

She is adorable

Rachel Goulding says:

I'm in such a funk with my diet, defo aspire to this level of healthy 😍

Lady says:

Anthony William says the liver hates vinegar.

sachi singh says:

Hey Sarah,
If you ever come across this comment , I just want to say that I so much appreciate the stand you took against hypocrite vegans. I don't detest vegan community , I detest the hypocrite community. People who have no respect for humans can hardly have any respect for animals. I am also sure that the only people finding your video offensive were those fake hypocrite vegans ( for whom veganism is an identity, not a lifestyle change) . True vegans or clean-hearted people are not filled with such hatred. You are not the only person targeted , so many people are showered with hateful comments by those idiotic vegans. I only wish that they would subdue their "vegan pride" and start making peace about the way some people choose to nourish themselves.
Again , I don't hate vegans! I just loathe those fools who become so obsessed with veganism and saving animals that they even leave behind their human intelligence.

lays H says:

Dip harder cookies in warm tea or warm milk. It makes it really soft and taste yummy

Fabiana Fa says:

I'm Italian, I don't know if I understand well, but really vinegar in peppermint tea? And lemon too? Lemon is very usuall, but vinegar in tea is so strange here in Italy. And both of this are so insane😅 After that, you've really good habit and sooo beautiful children😍

being Ayushi says:

Clean food:)

Kate Richardson says:

Just so you are aware…vitamins can't be GMO. It's impossible. Nutrients don't have genetics. That's a marketing trick to make people think it's "better"

Luna Of The Sky says:

You drink so much water way to go! My favorite food it watermelon btw

Julia Heisey says:

You must have to go potty lots of times a day lol (#1).

Donna Allgaier-Lamberti says:

I am looking for protein? A little protein power in your smoothie? Tiny amounts of chicken and edamame in your lunch salad… I see you are very tiny, but is that enough protein for you? At age 69 and 74 my husband and I focus on protein so that we adequately feed our aging brains. My husband is on the Ketogenic protocol due to cognitive decline. Personally, I am on the nutrient-rich AIP (Autoimmune Protocol/non-inflammatory foods/NO dairy, sugar, gluten or grains.) DAILY: I eat at least 3 oz. of grass-fed meat (organic chicken /beef) at EVERY meal plus LOTS of broccoli, carrots, beets, onions (a prebiotic), cabbage, sweet potatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, spinach and between us my husband and I eat 8 bunches of organic kale every week. Kale goes into almost every meal; stir fry's, hash, soup, stew, kieche and so on. We heavily FOCUS on nutrient-rich food choices.

Suchismita Panda says:

You are so healthy and you yaking so healthy foods snacks everything so good..

Monserrat Herrera says:

Do you know if ritual send products to Mexico?

אחינועם אברהמי says:


Hanna Banana says:

Omg I HATE the foam and I’ve never thought to use a strainer! What a smart idea!!

Heather Feather says:

I am a new subscriber and just discovered your channel a few days ago. I have changed my diet to dairy free and more plant based about 8 months ago due to migraines and recent brain surgery and have been needing meal ideas. I enjoy all your videos so far, especially your " what I eat in a day" to help give me inspiration for meal prep. They have been really helpful! Thank you!

Lori Palczewski says:

I would love to see what you give the kids and husband :)

Megan Van De Spiegle says:

your drinking jar is so big oml i could never

Ceren Basaran says:

Come on! Cutting the video where you 'pretend' to swallow the pills?!…..

Dolce says:

Love your channel! Just discovered it. Is there any way you can do a video on making probiotic foods like coconut milk kefir or coconut yogurt?

Gillian May says:

Ivy: “let’s do em all” when you opened the probiotics HAHAHA

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