WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Dairy Free + Gluten Free Meal Prep on a Budget!)

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Today I’m showing you guys my AFFORDABLE What I Eat in A Day / Week as a Dairy Free and Gluten Free eater! I take you grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s with me and show you meals I have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!

I am intolerant to cow dairy, gluten, eggs, oats, whey, and rye so finding the right types of foods that are healthy AND delicious is hard! Especially because I also don’t love to cook… but I have found some super easy, yummy meal ideas that satisfy my cravings, help me keep a healthy lifestyle AND keep the extra weight off! Hope you guys enjoy! xoxo

What I Eat In A Day (2018): https://youtu.be/AZ_xY4h5pcQ
How I Lost 25 Pounds:
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Hey guys! If you didn’t know, I found out I have food intolerances two years ago. I’m allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, whey, and rye, all at different amounts. I don’t have celiac but it does make it hard to always find the right options! Now that I’ve had these allergies for 2 years, I’ve really gotten a grip on how to cook for myself, and what I can eat when I’m out at restaurants. I would honestly say I am happy that I have these intolerances because eliminating these foods makes me feel healthier, happier, and more in shape. Plus, I don’t feel sick anymore!

Leave any questions down below that you may have and I’ll film a Q&A video very soon. xoxo

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April Floyd says:

Yesss honaaayyyyy

Angelica Horsman says:

isnt goat cheese dairy …??

Nina Rivenson says:

OK if someone could clarify.. she stated that she eats Goat Cheese but isn't that dairy?

ava sophia says:

omg i can’t eat gluten dairy or eggs and i’m so happy i found someone like me

Emily Kline says:

do you eat eggs??

gabbie luz says:

Doesn’t brown rice have gluten?

Amanda Horvath says:

Hey! Just found your channel from LMU's post about you! I'm an LMU SFTV grad as well and stoked to find another LMU alumn on YouTube. I'm also gluten and dairy free haha #subbed

Simply Mee says:

She said for “shitz and giggles” imma start sayin that 🤣

Chill Chilli says:

I am gluten free since im 2 and im 15 now and i kinda like bc i live healthy 😂and im from switzerland 🇨🇭 so dont judge my English 😂

Michelle Brekken says:

I didn’t see the Chipotle aioli recipe in the description box!

Logan mcreynolds says:

that pizza looks so Delish i wish i had that to eat

Kayla Melvin says:

DONE please tag me in next video!!!

Love FAN!!

Meg. Fond says:

Tjs is my favorite! You should try the orange chicken

Kenzzie Freeman says:

Go follow my snap kenzziekay675 and I’ll give you a shoutout

Megan Marie says:

I cut gluten and dairy out of my diet about a week ago and this helped so much!!! I have a gluten and dairy sensitivity and I already feel better… thank u for the advice 💗💗💗

Rian G says:

i found out a couple months ago i was allergic to gluten 😭 thank you for this

Sammantha Combs says:

Also… Just FYI… Soy messes with estrogen…. Especially for thyroid people.

Sammantha Combs says:

Love this… We intolerant people need more GF/DF videos, but I'm also soy free so…. I'm screwed to most of the prepackaged stuff… Because it's in EVERYTHING!!

Sour Cream says:

I tried to listen to this video …being that I am married to a person who has Celiac Disease so no Gluten for him, and he is also can not do dairy….but after about a minute of hearing your stupid ass rant and babble on like a blithering IDIOT, I had to turn off this video. And post this negative comment on your channel, which I fully assume you will block me from posting on all your other stupid babbling videos…and that is ok, actually because I dont want to ever subject myself to listening to your incoherent ramblings. You sound like a blithering idiot!

Olivia Grace says:

I’m gluten and dairy free too because my stomach can’t handle harsh foods like that
Even though I’m only 11

Annika West says:

I casually have celiac Disease and I am lactose intolerant…it sucks

Nancy Walter says:

Udi’s gluten/dairy free pizza crust is AMAZING!!!!! Buy frozen 2 per pack.

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