What I Eat in A Day | EASY CHINESE RECIPES, ABC soup, Noodles, Coconut Pudding | COOKING AT HOME

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Hey all! Today I have finally uploaded a WHAT I EAT IN A DAY for you guys. Includes two easy to follow classic Chinese Recipes that you can make at home!
PLEASE let me know if you want to see more of these videos? This is something new for me, I’d love to know if you enjoyed it or not.

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I couldn’t get the Coconut Pudding video to transfer so I’m gonna put the method here
400ml coconut milk
200ml milk
150g sugar
mix in a pan but don’t boil

100ml cool water
25g gelatine
melt gelatine in cool water then add to pan too. Mix well

leave to cool, in the fridge to set, at least 5 hours.

OR you can view my Instagram stories under recipes it’s up on there.

►HAIR STYLING ROUTINE https://youtu.be/oZL3dn9vlw0

►KOREAN MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION https://youtu.be/qkHB9cc6dwQ

►MY HAIR COLOUR https://youtu.be/dad02ApKGd8


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Hikari48kaoru says:

More videos like this Suzy please💖💖💖

rainbowbvk says:

ABC soup is comfort food for me ❤️❤️❤️ my mom makes it all the time and I think it's really great for kids.

다민맘티비❤️ Damin’s mom TV❤️ says:

Suzi, I’ve watched this video tons of times while I’m eating a meal. Really want to watch another version of it. Can you make more of these mukbang style videos? Grocery shopping +homemade food pls xxxxx

Lunar says:

her chin is so sharp & pretty!!!

Lisa Velonis says:

Can I just say how much i enjoyed this video. As an Australian born Chinese I totally related to all the things you made, especially the stew/soup as that’s basically what I make all the time for my children. I didn’t realise it was such a common Chinese meal! 😍
Also wanted to say i find you so authentic. Xx

ncncncc says:

I love these videos!

LeAnnShines says:

So pretty even with simple make-up! ❤

Beauty Scientist says:

We make that soup/stew in our family too! We call it ABC soup 😂

The Life Of Rose says:

Please make more food vlogs!! I am making those noodles tonight!

HoYee Cheung says:

Pls could you share your version when you tried to make soufflé pancakes? Loved seeing your easy cooking recipes.

JulietLyLillyRose says:

I really want chow mein now.

Abby Chung says:


Joanne Tran says:

The food looks great, use a matte foundation when cooking

Joanne Tran says:

Wow, thank you for the add on tomato, lweka et ginger. My family doesnt add it

Joanne Tran says:

Oh, wow, this is similar to the vietnamese Soup i have at home but we add beans.

Joanne Tran says:

Merci, congrats, your hard work is paying off. Since day 1 you started social media

Xingfu says:

Aiden handsome little boy

Kelle Lau says:

I would recommend cooking the pancakes rolls in the oven and over cooking it, taste even better! I get the ones in Asda, love em!!

JessiRuu says:

Loved the video Suzi!!

Hikari48kaoru says:

Loved the video!! Looking forward to enjoying the next recipe😍😍😍

cecelittlebigbig says:

I would recommend u getting a air fryer….much easier to cook …

escargots82 says:

Aiden is so adorable! Loves vlogs like this! 💖

Lili Fan says:

More food vlogs and show more of Coffee plz! Love your videos Suzi💞

Kristine Vo says:

Your stew looked sooooo delicious! Love watching you cook and share these recipes 💕I’m actually making a similar Vietnamese soup called, sup nui, later this week!

Instead of rice we use macaroni shells and we put potato, carrot, spare ribs, radish!

scarletdaze says:

In Singapore, we call it the ABC soup . don’t ask me why 🤷🏻‍♀️

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