What I Eat in a Day for PCOS–Paleo, Gluten Free & Dairy Free Recipes

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This is a realistic day of eating for me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). A low carb/keto breakfast, and whole foods lunch and dinner with some gluten free starches. Included are recipes for baked chicken thighs, sweet potato coins and a colourful coleslaw.

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SemideCoco says:

Thanks for watching! What diet do you eat to stay healthy and/or reverse PCOS? Leave a comment below!


So chicken is okay for women with pcos 😳 ? I have been avoiding it as i am avoiding meat dairy and sugar for a long time

Wasan Reyad says:

please answer me i know that chicken is not good for you with pcos but you are eating it and i am a bet confused

Mel S says:

Drs. Said i have pcos. But im not sure. For the rest of my symptoms.
Besotes ive started tris problem when i: first lose tooo much weight and then gain tooo much weight.
I hope i can normalize all this when i be in a correct weight

StillAReal1 says:

Rachael Ray ? No it’s Chef Semide Making healthy food delicious with a smile😊 πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ #IronChefCanada #FoodNetworkCanada

Luzon Pls says:

Do you use sea salt?

Luzon Pls says:

I have seen others post that sea weed helps regulate hormones also. Supposedly helps with estrogen dominance.

Luzon Pls says:

I may have missed it somewhere, but do you have a cook book? Or a 7 day diet plan journal?

Cleo Evans says:

Any tips on how to keep the dishes to a minimum?

Lori Lee says:

I have a question. The video says paleo but the recipes are keto, meaning I don't see any fruit or nuts. Are you avoiding them?

craig lee says:

iv'e lost 123 lbs ur awesome so sweet soul

Malsila Marboh says:

Can we use cucumber avocado and tomatoes

Vendela Giler says:

love your recipes, quick and delicious

Antoinette Hardy says:

I have been watching your videos because my hair is getting thinner on top. My mother and my mother's mother experienced the same thing. I watched the food you make on this video and I see that I am far from eating healthy. I saw all those eggs that you cooked for breakfast and after workout snack. We have been told for many years that eating eggs like that was bad for us but perhaps that was not truth. What you ate for breakfast made my mouth drop because it was so healthy. I am almost 53 and I am trying to learn as much as I can from you because many of the issues that you have addressed afflict my family and many other women. I am very interested in looking at natural ways to minimize and heal my body. I don't like medication and I don't like the side effects so I always look for natural alternatives. Thank you for all that you're teaching us.

Christina Panait says:

Excelent presentations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β­β­β­β­β­

Gabby Manners says:

Thank you for the great ideas! This was the best diet plan I've come across re: PCOS… and something that suits my tastes perfectly! Would love to see more like this

Libby Marquez says:

Thank you for this! My doctor advised me to change my diet and not depend on pills! :)

Pine Trees says:

That looks so tasty and your voice is soothing lol, what about when you want chocolate do you allow yourself some?

Don’t-hate- Appreciate says:

Love this recipes

Sanita ir says:

Thank you!
i recently discovered i have PCOS and I am used to eating high carb diet. Now i need to make it high protein ect but not easy. This gave me some ideas!

OpenYour World says:

Eggs are perfectly fine but not like having them for every day. Looking for other PCOS breakfast ideas πŸ’‘

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