what I eat in a day | low(er) carb vegan recipes

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Welcome back to another what I eat video! Today is a little different than usual because I wanted to get creative and share some lower carb vegan recipes with you guys! I hope you enjoy it!

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Arden Igleheart says:

Unless you’re eating tons of soy it doesn’t have any effect on your hormones

Heather Pope says:

Those chocolates would be bomb with some peanut butter in the middle. Like a healthier Reese cup.

Samantha Leigh 💛 says:

need to lower my carbs, this video was a sign! just hard being vegan bc carbs is mainly what i eat lmao

Zsuzsanna Kovács says:

From low fat to high fat? Its like Keto diet.

JennFlProfile Updated says:

Yey! Sourcequeen!!

wellthatspretty says:

I wish I could find coconut wraps in the UK 😭

Countrychicvegan says:

The estrogen in soy is plant based! It doesn’t effect humans the same way. Dr Gregor went over that

Sally Shelton says:

Its important to share recipes for all walks of life! I know a lot of diabetics are afraid to go vegan because they think it has to be high sugar/carb

Eleonore Sandmann says:

Dear Kate, please do some research on the human metabolism and please watch “What The Health”, this is such an unhealthy died, you need to have a lot of carbs in your diet in order to life a truly healthy lifestyle, I’m just sitting here and waiting for the “Why I’m no longer vegan” video

Gabby Little says:

Does anyone know the brand of nutritional yeast Kate uses?

Millie says:

also you should do some videos on lowfodmap cooking! I know you mentioned youre senseitive to garlic and onion and i've found doing lowfodmap recipes are really good!

Millie says:

can you do lower fat/higher protein. I find i can have 60% carbs but my fat is like 30% and protein 10% so its just a bit too high for me

Monk & Mills says:

Anyone know what watch she's wearing?

VeganishJ says:

Love my lower carb days 😊 thanks for sharing these goodies. Always got something yummy up on here 😋

Emily Slaton says:

I’m a nutrition grad student and I would limit the amount of coconut butter and oil because she had almost 2x the maximum recommended amount of saturated fat that day (which causes heart disease). I would use almond butter or some type of nut butter in the chocolate recipe instead. (Sunflower seed butter if you’re allergic to nuts). I would also cook with olive oil instead of coconut oil.

It's Chelsea says:

I love how you make raw vegan easy. I am eating raw till Dinner your ebooks definitely helps.

Alicja Skwara says:

Love you! ❤️❤️❤️

Vanessa Jean says:

You have such beautiful hair and eyes. Thank you for sharing some delicious looking recipes.

Dr. Patrice J. Carter says:

So excited! Making the chia pudding tonight for in the morning! I subbed sunflower butter because I didn’t have any cashew butter.

Asmr Apples Lover says:

I think that this kind of diet are to much full of fat and protein!!!
Your body need glucose if you put fat and to much protein only in your diet your body is going to work more to process the fats and proteins in glucose!
I mean it’s really a fatty and protein diet! It’s not good for the kidneys too! And the liver!
I mean carbs are good for the health of the body! Fruits is really important! Where is the fruit??? I think that this kind of diet are to heavy in the stomach!
It’s better a high carb whole plant based diet!
It’s good fruits and vegetables and avocados and almonds and hazelnuts yes, but in it it’s always good apples and bananas and peaches..dates if you like, I prefer fresh fruit it’s better!
I mean when the diet is rich in carbs is mean rich in fruits! Fruit is important for our health!
Eating apples is very important! Red Delicious Apples are my favorite fruit in the world!
And then durian omg..coconut water omg.. bananas..figs..mangos.. I mean fruit is paradise..paradise come from Latin or Greek..I don’t remember good but I remember very well the meaning of paradise..it’s mean garden of fruits..our paradise is a garden full of fruits people!
Go Vegan World! Fruit is our life

J Herrera says:

You're such a beautiful and sweet girl. It's such a shame you're doing this to yourself

Chase B The Maverick Method says:

You're a lesbian right? Is pussy vegan?

Lauren Oborne says:

I love your videos but please stop spreading the Phytoestrogen misconceptions regarding soy 👎

Awesome Lawsons says:

Thanks for making this :) I’m feeling horrendous at the moment and really needed this inspo and kick start my health again xxxxx

Jennifer Connell says:

I've heard phytoestrogen doesn't affect humans the same way as mammalian estrogen

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