What's For Dinner | Real Life Meal Ideas | Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas | Family Meals of the Week

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What’s For Dinner | Real Life Meal Ideas | Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas | Family Meals of the Week

Thanks for stopping by for another what’s for dinner video. This week we Im sharing 3 real life meal ideas that are kid friendly. We made some of the boys favorite meals this week. I hope y’all enjoy!

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Cindy Kinney says:

OMGosh, Courtney, I missed a lot of videos! This footage of the boys making their own pizzas is priceless! They are so adorable.

Vanessa White Random-Ness says:

I literally said ‘good job!’ Out loud 😂 loved that! Your fam jam is precious girl xo 🥰💕🙌🇨🇦

Southern Raised Home says:

Omg all of these look so goood! I’ve never seen the taco in a bag, so cool! I have an instant pot and I love it. I don’t use it nearly as much as I should though 😂 I love the little pizza idea. Great video girl! Looking forward to seeing more of your content ☺️

Patricia Paquette says:

So stinking adorable 😍

Karawang Channel 7 says:

Super nice video sist

Tara Canavera says:

I have been afraid to do alfredo in my instant pot. But yours looked so good I'm adding it to next weeks food plan

Kneeling Knight says:

I may be bias but I sure do have the cutest little nephews!! ❤️❤️❤️

Bethany Barber says:

Awww I need to try that pizza idea with my 2 year old! She’s in a “helping” phase and always wants to help cook! I think she would love that. Your little boys are so cute!

Rhonda Whitmer says:

Love the pizza recipe 😍 gonna try it with my grandsons this weekend ♥️

sally skellington says:

Your boys are soooooo precious! They both did amazing! And I'll have to keep those pizzas in mind for when I'm just not that into cooking that day! Great idea!

V Broadwater says:

Oh WOW, love the garlic bread pizza idea!

Donna Gribbins says:

When I make taco instead of 1/2 cup of water I use 1/2 of salsa. It gives the meat extra flavor. Try that sometime. I just use whatever salsa that I plan to use when I serve the meal. So yummy. Your chicken alfredo sounds yummy. My husband does not care much for chicken. I think I may try it with some chorizo sausages mixed with the chicken. He might like it like that. The boys helping you was so cute. Porter looks like he is a little pistol.

casandra zyph says:

Porter was really good at making the pizzas..They look so good..I'm making those tonight.I need to get a instant pot.

Simply Enjoying Life says:

Tacos is always a win! That chicken Alfredo looked so good! The kids doing the pizzas was adorable! What a great idea to use the garlic toast!

Bessie Faircloth says:

Your boys are soo precious!! Thanks for the easy (real life) meals. We all have days like that.

LaVerne Jones says:

Hello. I am new to your channel. I’ve watched a few videos and you seem so sweet and kind. The best part was the boys making the mini pizzas. Too adorable!🥰🥰

Susan Berry says:

Yum ! Everything looks delish !

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