Winter Beef Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay

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Here are a few recipes to help you during Winter.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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أسامة معدي says:

I really need to have children an live like this moment with them
maybe after 6 years I hope <3

TheSapphireDragon1 says:

Could you imagine Marco Pierre White doing this with his kids ???

Chewbaccafruit says:

"Sitting at the dock by the…?"

Daniel Kandi says:

uploads bayleaves sniffing touching the nose…. during covidtimes…. CAREFUL LADS! xD

Mohammad Alhouli says:

Ramsy come to Kuwait plz make me some of this food 😢🤤

whyyousobudu says:

I wonder if when Gordon's kids were born he immediately seasoned them

Riley Albritton says:

Youtube: Father cooking with son
612 people: dislike

Josip Stanić says:

I swear the god, I'm wondering how his wife cooks…

King Slayer says:

Gordon without olive oil is like batman without his suit…. NOTHING

Kelvin Opoku says:

How does the kid know what a beer is

Eaglez Eye says:

Brush how many likes and comments that SkyeBunny777 gonna do like what? XD

Peng Fei Dong says:

wait, is gordon ramsay possessed by a demon of niceness, what is this "beautiful jaw"

Ghaz Man says:

Good to see that he isn't an a-hole to everyone.

Reknot says:

His daughter is so sweet

ishidacoolp says:

I love these videos. They're very informative, food looks amazing and I love how he interacts with and teaches his kids. I hope I can become a good father like that when I have kids. :)

no7puppetcollection says:

I love how Gordon has normalised food ingredients like balsamic vinegar and herb names to his kids.

Corrupt Boonana says:

Thats a whole leaf of parsley

11:47 says:

Cook those cheeks with a bit of love!

el k says:

2:24 what kind of creme is ok for this recipe pls someone let me know

Dapeng Li says:

Can u fxxking change a camera man?!
That fxxker just never fxxking stop moving and shacking the fxxking camera!
I am dizzy, and eyes in pain already in few minutes!
Should I blame camera man or the developer?!

Kyle Banks says:


writeract2 La Principessa Anne says:

For the 3rd cheek, Jack should have pulled YOUR cheek – that was a meal truly fit for a King.

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