Winter Chicken Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay

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Now that’s colder, here are some wonderfully hearty recipes to keep you warm.

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Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Michael Trovato says:

I just ran out of goose fat..

Zupset says:

She going to be a beautiful wife some day because of you Gordon much love for being a good father and showing a women how to cook ❤️

Alissa Short says:

There's so much touching raw chicken and then eating raw foods with the same hands.

Donnie yen says:

Indian people don't buy chicken like that
Kya bakwas hai

M. k says:

Smooth & Juicy – recipes to look great and feel amazing..“over 130 smoothies, juices and cocktails”👌👌

Nahron isho says:

Man has no racist inside him.
He hates everyone equally

V 33 says:

I love how he interacts and loves his children 😊❤️ that’s how my Dad was when he would teach me how to cook☺️

Myers says:

He's such a great and loving father, i love seeing him cook with the kids <3

Amina Solieman says:

Gordon: sautéed potatoes are easy to make
Me: oh yeahhhh lesss goooo😎
Also Gordon: so now we’re gonna add goose fat😕

G Baugh says:

Gordon ramsay could do asmr his voice is so soft when he isn't yelling at idiots

Nathaniel-Willem Jr. Le Marque says:

Did this man just touch raw chicken, then went in for a chick pea and put it in his mouth?

Fubuki Kai says:

Gordon calling himself daddy is too much for me to handle.

Loveigh Ladey says:

I'm going to make this for Christmas dinner.

Waldo8226 says:

Warm Cockles

Torsten Neuer says:

What I love most about this series is this Q&A between Chef Ramsay and his kids. Although it might be staged, it is nice to watch and to listen to the basics that are taught here.

One e1even says:

G.Ramsey recipe =2% cooking+ 48% presentation +50% unnecessary talk

dev bhandari says:

When u don't like chickpeas but you are forced to say yes

brad griffith says:

Wholesome Gordon is my favorite.

Kadeen Morris says:

I love watching him cook with his daughter, it's like he has no other kids and she don't wanna do nun but eat the food 🤣

L D says:

Me: Living in tropical country
Also me: Watching this video

Victor Sanchez says:

When he's mashing the chickpeas and telling her daughter those will be the best chickpeas she ever tasted, it reminds me of me cooking for my girlfriend and surprising her with all kind of Gordon's recipes just to see her smile when she tastes them

Giovanni Van der Eecken says:

Imagen cooking for your girlfriend and her father Gordon Ramsay comes over for dinner.


Home Appetit.t says:

I am from Kigali-Rwanda in africa,I like to follow you,and I am trying to teach our people especially famale how to cook good food in their family.

Anjel Lima says:

The towering appliance ecologically please because guarantee methodologically yell midst a minor chance. delicate, judicious chain

Nicole Sitton says:

You are such a wonderful dad.

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