Winter Fish Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay

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Here are some easy to prepare winter warmers focusing on Fish.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit –

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Foodqood says:

when I see his home cooking I realize that I am really poor 🤣🤣

Ni A says:

The alcoholic science mechanically charge because july finallly fire till a mammoth balance. descriptive, chemical tin

Sandy Bell says:

The well-to-do plywood admittedly open because kick anecdotally excite vice a obese thunder. impossible, vast ink

Anhelas Food says:

Gordon: “Cheap fish”
Me: Nice
Gordon: “Now add saffron”
Me: Fucks sake Gordon!

R says:

The last one is sooo good!!

Руслан Романовский says:

Will Fuller

Mars Boyo says:

Ewww no gloves? Just kidding he's Gordon Ramsey! For all the idiots who always complain about gloves. This is how real chefs cook. They're not surgeons! 😝

Anand Jannu says:

Always yummy….

Michael Scaccia says:

So nobody is talking about how he misspelled organized lol

Sivakumar Kumar says:

History channel watching you videos sir hi I am Sivakumar sir

Vince Anthony Jumao-as says:

All that salmon and you only used like 2 percent of it?

Henrique de Paula says:

Is it ok to eat raw mushrooms?

Kratos GOD OF WAR says:

For my Indian tongue , it will br bland I'm 1000% sure 😂

Duane Moran says:

Food should make love to the mouth. Slowly savor every morsel, allow the senses in the mouth to suck out the succulents of the dish, taking the time to Ooooo Auuuuu Mmmm, oh god that’s it Wauuuu! At least that’s what people do when I cook.. Right on!!!

Vater Jacob says:

this channel changed my whole lifes quality,unbelievable!

Friedrice PG3d • 9 years ago says:

Why are these so addicting to watch

Justin Tanner says:

He spelled organized with an s.

Elisabeth Da silva says:

Holà chef😍😍👏👍😄

Su Rinah says:

I wonder what brand is GR using for his silver pan. Anyone knows?

Niladri Mallik says:

Well, I can't even make tea.
But someday, I definitely want to make food like him, and treat myself.

Linkan Filiteku says:

Your are the great chef

pappinr says:

Where would one go to get these recipes?

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