Yoshinoya-style Gyudon | 牛丼 | Japanese Beef Rice Bowl | 5-Minute Recipe

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This simple bowl of simmered beef and onions takes just minutes to make, particularly if you have your own homemade teriyaki sauce.

Yoshinoya is probably the most famous Japanese chain selling gyudon, and this is how to make it at home.

FULL RECIPE: http://adamliaw.com/recipe/yoshinoya-style-gyudon-japanese-beef-rice-bowl/
Homemade Teriyaki Sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKN9y5i7ZP8

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Hungry Harb says:

I dont understand how the meat is supposed to be more tender the more you cook it, isn't it the exactly opposite?

Bchompoo says:

I've been wondering for a few days now if I could find this Yoshinoya recipe on Youtube! Thank you! : )

Avec Plaisir says:

Adam please do a udon recipe for us!!!!!

Jay Torr says:

This is probably the best japanese/Asian channel on YouTube. Every recipe I have made is absolutely delicious. Have not been to Japan, but made this for Japanese colleague and said it is as good as any she has eaten in Japan

Rubina980 says:

Very nice. Well explained. I tried this yesterday and it tasted horrible. But to be fair, I left out some ingredients I couldn't get and I probaby didn't use the best type of meat as well. I'll try again soon. Thanks for your content!

Lore Glamz says:

I made this several times following your recipe and it taste exactly like my fav Japanese restaurant thank you

昼呑みアマちゃん says:

😋It's a delicious beef bowl‼️

EndTimeImages says:

Gyudon always with raw egg on the top 👍🏻

Vicec Yamamoto says:

i love japan

Proud PICT says:

I love your channel!
Seriously improving my cooking!
Thank you!

Ian Gomez says:

Why does this feel like Im solving a mystery at Hogwarts?

Max Braun says:

FULL RECIPE Link broken, please kindly fix. thank you!

HoyaticInspirit 4eva says:

Does it taste very different without the sake?

Yesaya Damaisan says:

hey adam.
i support you.

ZammyIckler says:

Real question: for so many japanese dishes I see onions used and I cant stand onions at all. Does one HAVE to use onions for the dish?

Eric D says:

Too much unnecessary chit chat. Thumbs down. Stop wasting my time.

Fumie Hiromitsu says:

I love the way you perfectly explain Japanese cuisine 🥰🥰

Null Pointer says:

As a Japanese: Yup! That’s a Gyudon! (and do not underestimate the shichimi (7 spice))

ando1135 says:

I’ve seen Japanese put the meat in boiling water for like 10 seconds first to avoid the “foam” when they add it to the sauce. It’s a good tip.

Ramuandi Braga says:

Im deaf i cant undrstand wht u talking about,, can u take english subttle?

Kendell Friend says:

Gordon Ramsey is that you? 👀

Eric Hall says:

thank you, me and my fiance made this for our date night, we had so much fun going to the japanese market and making this dish, it came out amazing thank you so much!! im going to be making several of these and im very excited, its a totally new style of cooking for me.

Candice says:

hands down my favourite cooking channel. simple no fuss food

Robert Forester says:

what kind of dashi ? bonito? konbu? both?

Billie Jean Batara says:

Too much talk lol. Sorry I’m not a hater here.. yoshi beef bowl doesn’t have an egg on top. ✌️

Mykee Mendiola says:

I had no idea this was so simple lol

Serana Lisbeth says:

First recipe of yours I watched . Going to try this. I might have to substitute dashi with chicken stock but I am so excited. I haven't had a gyudon for a very long time. Subscribed thank you.

Mark Matsuoka says:

Love the whimsical background music lol

Dalton Gaither says:

I live it Oklahoma but I could probably ask the butcher to slice down from beef. My mind goes to skirt steak? Do you know what cut was sliced thin?

ThoseWhoDare says:

I just ordered two of his cooking books. Can't wait to get them 🙏🏼

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